Wholesale medicinal herb shop, S Korea

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Wholesale medicinal herb shop, S Korea

Image by Rebecca-Lee

Wholesale medicinal herb shop, S Korea
Credit: Mark de Fraeye. Wellcome Images


Crude herbs to be used in medicines on sale at a wholesale shop at the herbal medicine street in Taegu, South Korea.
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Medicinal herbs

Image by Bioversity International

Lal Kumari is drying diverse medicinal plants and herbs in her courtyard before processing. She is heir to the ancestral Ayurvedic Vaidya – a traditional healing profession – the knowledge of which was passed on to her by her father and grandfather.
In South Asia alone, there are more than 8,000 plant species with known medicinal value.

Credit: Bioversity International\ B. Sthapit

Medicinal Herbs

Image by Carlos Lorenzo


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