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Why You Should Swap Your Coconut Oil For Avocado Oil

Why You Should Swap Your Coconut Oil For Avocado Oil
Its high Vitamin E content (an antioxidant that helps fight off skin damage and signs of aging) means it's great for maturing skin or those concerned with lines and wrinkles. “It is [also] high in sterolin, which softens the skin and reduces the
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Liquid Gold: The Power of Plant Oils
Rich in vitamin E, linoleic acids and palmitic acids, and the unique antioxidant sesamol, sesame oil is a potent natural moisturizer and emollient. This wealth of antioxidants promotes the healing of sun and wind damage, and slows the premature aging …

Amino Acids to Zinc: A Glossary of Nutritional Terms
Anti-inflammatory foods include leafy greens, fatty fish, nuts like almonds and walnuts, tomatoes and olive oil. [Related: Inflammation: Causes, Symptoms … Vitamins E and C and beta-carotene are principle nutrient antioxidants. The body cannot
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