To Women Who Want To Lose Weight

To Women Who Want To Lose Weight

(PRWEB) July 17, 2012

If you would like to learn the secrets that will make it easy for you to finally get rid of your stubborn stomach fat and keep it off for good then this is for you.

With all the conflicting diets on the market today it’s no wonder that it can be confusing to know what to do.

One claims that a low-carb diet is the only way to lose weight, another says low-fat diets are the best, and yet another claims that a vegetarian diet is the only way to go.

Consumers bombarded by so many magic pills, ab gadgets, and fad diets claiming to strip off body fat and give you a ripped set of abs, that the average person cant make head or tail of what works and what doesn’t.

Certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist Mike Geary from http://www.TruthAboutAbs.com states that the problem is, many of these so called experts you see in the media and in all the advertisements really know nothing about true health and fitness. They are simply trying to force you to buy their latest gimmick, fad product or supplement they are selling.

Mike believes that it is not about doing lots of ab exercises, boring cardio routines or taking bogus fat burner pills. He states that nutrition is responsible for 80% of your results and that actual ab exercises should be your last priority.

Mike’s program The Truth About Abs has sold over 276,000 copies in over 163 countries and is now the number best selling Ebook on the Internet.

Mike says that the main difference between his program and others is that the information comes from over 10 years of sound research, as well as hands-on experience with thousands of clients for both exercise techniques and nutrition strategies.

Here is what you will learn in “The Truth About 6 Pack Abs”.

You get to cut right through the noise and get straight honest answers about exactly what is needed to get a truly lean and healthy body, and keep that for the rest of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, old or young, the concepts that are presented work for anyone and everyone if you apply them.

You’ll learn what kind of foods can fight against storing belly fat and which ones need to be avoided.

Learn the number one reason why most people fail to ever achieve their weight loss goals.

About Mike Geary

Mike is a certified nutrition specialist and personal trainer. Mike also writes for Muscle & Fitness and Oxygen magazines. To see more on the best ways to burn off stomach fat visit http://www.TruthAboutAbs.com

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