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Nokia Seeks Healthier Future With Purchase of Fitness Gadgets Startup

Nokia Seeks Healthier Future With Purchase of Fitness Gadgets Startup
Withings propels Nokia directly into the competitive market for “connected health,” a close cousin of wearable-tech. The industry has been moving from a startup buzzword to a battleground for established tech companies. The sector now spans everything …
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Spanking Kids Causes Mental Health Issues, Study Shows
Published in April's Journal of Family Psychology, the study – which uses data from 50 years of research on over 160,000 children – found that children punished using spanking were more likely to experience negative consequences such as aggression and …
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Child mental health crisis 'worse than suspected'
Devon, who founded the Self-Esteem Team, was appointed by the government to look into young people's mental health and find out what a good school support system looks like. However, she said the government was asking the wrong question.
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Get a jump start on healthier eating with 'The Food Lover's Cleanse'

Get a jump start on healthier eating with 'The Food Lover's Cleanse'
The folks at Bon Appetit are out with a cookbook version of their popular annual Food Lover's Cleanse: "Bon Appetit: The Food Lover's Cleanse: 140 Delicious, Nourishing Recipes that will tempt you back into Healthful Eating" by Sara Dickerman (William …
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Embracing the Black-Bean Brownie
I was trying to eat only healthy, whole foods, but a serious dessert craving had convinced me to combine black beans with flaxseed, coconut oil, maple syrup, and chocolate chips to form a brownie-shaped object. Now, standing over a hot oven and a
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3 Diets That Are Healthier Than Paleo

3 Diets That Are Healthier Than Paleo
Many health-conscious Americans have taken a historically-oriented step back in dietary terms in an endeavor to incorporate a less-processed, healthier approach to food in their lives. This way of eating, known as going paleo, is something that
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Eating paleo: the science behind the diet and lifestyle
It's been called the caveman diet, but does it really replicate what people ate in the Paleolithic era? The Paleo diet has gained popularity in recent years for its focus on fresh, high-quality, unprocessed foods and its avoidance of grains, starches
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Op-ed: Don't reverse progress toward healthier school lunches

Op-ed: Don't reverse progress toward healthier school lunches
As parents, you trust your family pediatrician to help you make informed choices about your children's health — not politicians or special interests. That's why when developing the first meaningful improvements to school meals in 30 years, we turned
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The Dishes That Won 8 Kid Chefs a Spot at a White House 'State Dinner'
“I used to have seizures and bad asthma, but now that I'm not eating gluten, my seizures and asthma are gone," says Braxton. "Now I love to cook and eat healthy food. A lot of other kids don't eat very healthy lunches in my school and unless I have
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New All-Natural, Raw Pet Food Company Wants To Make Your Pets Healthier and Happier

NORCROSS, GA (PRWEB) February 16, 2015

Allprovide, the all-natural raw pet food company, plans to shake up how dog and cat owners view their pet?s diets. Unlike most pet foods, Allprovide uses only premium, human-grade ingredients, including USDA select meats and grade A poultry, combined with fresh vegetables to create healthy meals for cats and dogs.

?Dogs and cats were not built to digest processed foods,? explains Michael McVay, co-owner of Allprovide. ?Yet, so many of us feed our pets processed food every day, which can lead to serious illnesses impacting their quality of life and driving up large vet bills. We created Allprovide based on the nutritional needs of our pets and my experience as a chef – and the results are clear. Dogs and cats that switch to Allprovide?s diet are healthier.?

Allprovide is based out of Norcross, Georgia where they?ve invested $ 2 million in a state-of-the-art, climate controlled facility. The fresh ingredients come from select Georgia farmers and farmers? markets and all of the food is triple-tested for quality and to eliminate natural pathogens.

Meal options include chicken, turkey or beef and the recipes are gluten, grain and soy free for dogs sensitive to allergies. The all-natural pet food can be served raw ? mimicking how animals eat in the wild. Or, pet owners can choose to cook the food in Allprovide?s convenient pouches, which can be microwaved or boiled. The meals are delivered right to your door through http://www.allprovide.com


?The humanization of our pets started in the post-war era,? added McVay. ?Historically, people used to feed pets table scraps. Then, as pets became family members, manufacturers introduced processed food products as a ?convenience?. Incidentally, that?s also when we started seeing digestive illnesses, as well as bone, joint and skin problems in our pets.?

Spending by U.S. pet owners is at an all-time high at around $ 22.62 billion on pet food; $ 14.4 billion on vet bills and $ 13.1 billion on over-the-counter medicines (source: APPA.)


As consumers have become more concerned about the food they are eating, they are making the raw pet food diet one of the fastest-growing U.S. trends.

In 2010, the refrigerated raw dog food market grew 10 percent over prior year and sales jumped to $ 92 million in 2013. Analysts expect the segment to grow by 25 percent annually through 2015 (source: U.S. Pet Market Outlook 2011-2012).

Despite the market opportunity, Allprovide?s origins come from something more personal than profit.

?We started making this food because of our own dog?s health problems,? McVay added. ?After an expensive surgery, our vet suggested we change her diet, so we started researching commercial pet food and we were shocked by the ingredients. There was no food in the food. Yes, pets can survive on processed commercial pet food, but do we really want them to just survive? If you fed your child McDonald?s every day, he would live, but he wouldn?t be very healthy. We love our pets like our children; so why not feed them that way??


Allprovide fresh pet food is an all-natural raw pet food made of USDA select meats and USDA grade A poultry. We blend these together with wholesome, fresh vegetables and all natural ingredients to produce balanced complete meals that meet the AAFCO guidelines for nutrition. Allprovide foods are based on the Bone and Raw food diet, but made convenient and safe. We are proud to say that our pet food is made in America and we only buy human grade, restaurant quality ingredients as our goal is to make the best pet foods possible. http://www.allprovide.com

Media contact:

Jennifer Jones, 404-272-2641



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Famous Celebrity Chefs Focus on Cooking For A Healthier Lifestyle in 2015

New York, New York (PRWEB) January 21, 2015

The Holiday binge on food, snacks and desserts for most Americans is commonplace. This often means changing eating habits and diets to kick start a new, healthier lifestyle in the month of January. The leading corporate consulting agency for Celebrity Chef acquisition Celebrity Chef Network believes that prominent Celebrity Chef personalities are now the biggest contributors attempting to persuade Americans to take control of their health in 2015.

Celebrity Chefs have invaded Capitol Hill in the last week. Top Chef Judge and well-known Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio and his Celebrity Chef confidant Jose Andres were present at several recent meetings with government officials to discuss GMO labeling and other public policies regarding important food issues. Celebrity Chef Colicchio?s presence is certainly being felt in Washington. He was reported as one of only a handful of VIP guests on hand for President Obama?s State of the Union Speech delivered on January 20. Both Colicchio, Andres, and several other famous Celebrity Chefs including Rachael Ray, Rocco DiSpirito, Nathan Lyon, Katie Lee and Mario Batali will use their social influence as food experts to help make it easier for Americans to make health-conscious decisions at the grocery store .

Still there are many other Celebrity Chefs who are taking a stance to promote healthy eating habits in the new year. The host of Food Network?s Cook Yourself Thin Candice Kumai and her latest cookbook of green drinks has introduced the public to over 100 clean, healthy drink recipes that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Skinny Chef Jennifer Iserloh and The Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien both own and operate popular websites with hundreds of thousands of subscribers reading their blog posts and new recipes posted daily. Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver has taken on the role of professor in 2015 to lead a new cooking class program being offered at Stanford University. The program will give students a hands-on learning experience in the kitchen while educating them about the importance of healthy eating habits.

A cornucopia of these Natural Foods Chefs and other Celebrity Chef personalities are now available for hire to share health tips, tricks and recipes at cooking demonstrations and other personal appearances across the globe this year. Celebrity Chefs have become leading health influencers heading into 2015 and there is no better time than now to hire a Celebrity Chef to transform your audience at an upcoming trade show, corporate conference or fundraiser.

About Celebrity Chef Network

Celebrity Chef Network is a corporate consulting agency solely focused on assisting companies, brands, businesses, universities and foundations in hiring Celebrity Chefs for cooking demonstrations, speaking engagements, corporate hospitality events or other personal appearances. Celebrity Chef Network provides a top-to-bottom service that includes researching appropriate talent tailored to each client?s unique budget range and event scope of work as well as executing the contracts and logistics for the event. To speak to a Celebrity Chef Network representative about the possibility of hiring a Celebrity Chef for your upcoming event or campaign, contact us at booking(at)celebritychefnetwork(dot)com or (212)410-9879.

Hair Growth Vitamins, the Key to Healthier Hair

Newark, NJ (PRWEB) January 31, 2012

For those who have been suffering from hair growth problems, hair loss or the embarrassing receding hairline, HairGrowthVitamins.co just launched and provides hair growth information and products. Some companies that produce hair products make exaggerated claims about hair growth. John Anderson from HairGrowthViamins.co states that nutrition and proper hair care with the right products can influence healthy hair and even hair growth. But the claims of some products should be closely scrutinized.

Mr. Anderson states the intention at HairGrowthVitamins.co is providing sensible information for those seeking healthier hair along with well-established hair care products and nutrition such as Biotin for hair growth. There are a variety reasons for thinning hair and receding hair lines, and it?s often an emotional time for consumers. Getting some common sense information is advisable before making expensive purchases or costly medical decisions, which is what HairGrowthVitamins.co brings to their visitors. Backed by a dedicated team who provides the most up to date information, solutions and hair growth products such as vitamins and shampoos and other professionally formulated hair problem solutions, hairgrowthvitamins.co is good resource. It is a wealth of information about proper hair care and hair treatment information, and addresses common questions like, ?How to make your hair grow faster??

Many of the solutions and products offered by the site are backed by thorough studies in order to provide the most effective cures and the most applicable preventive measures and hair health practices. Many products are main stream products and can be checked for their reliability and veracity of claims offered by the companies to ensure they provide the best possible solutions to hair loss and other hair issues. And an easy to understand rating system is available to see the opinions of other customers and how they rated the purchases.

At various ages, it is common for men to start losing their hair. Though a common occurrence, nutritional changes and modifications in hair care is within easy reach. There are a variety causes for hair loss, but nutrition is always smart place to start doing research and effecting changes. For example, a person with receding hair may benefit from better nutrition by making existing hair healthier and more attractive. A quick but fruitful visit to HairGrowthVitamins.co may be a good step to a thicker, more lustrous mane. A person shouldn?t wait until hair loss becomes noticeable to start a hair care program. The earlier proper care starts for hair and scalp, the better the results for long term healthy hair.

Hair loss often indicates vitamin deficiency, hence the study and subsequent production of vitamins for hair growth to help solve the problem. You need not wait for hair to start thinning before you consider taking supplements that could address the problem. Proper nutrition could only be what?s missing so find out more about hair problem solutions and vitamins with the help of this new and informative site, hairgrowthvitamins.co.

Hairgrowthvitamins.co was created to assist both men and women in addressing hair loss problems which is often an emotionally packed issue. Instructive and enlightening articles are posted regularly to educate and equip people with the right information about hair issues and how to solve them. It is where you can also find the latest hair loss products.


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Is Organic Food Really Healthier?

Is Organic Food Really Healthier?
Between “organic,” “local” and other food claims, what's a savvy shopper to do? A recent poll showed that many people simply don't know, with 23% mistakenly believing that local produce is always organic. Meanwhile, a comprehensive new review of …
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Organic Food Has More Antioxidants, Less Pesticide Residue: Study
Organic food really is better for your health than its conventional counterparts. At least, that's the conclusion of a new study conducted by researchers at Newcastle University and published this week. But not everyone is convinced. Specifically, the
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